The Test

if there was no Sex, how would the relationship between guys and girls change?

the Story

Not satisfied with their relational situation with girls, the guys form a high school lead by Luke decide to start an audacious Test inside their high school in order to answer the question:

“If there was now Sex, how would the relationship between guys and girls change?”

For the entire period of 30 days, all guys from the high school will radically change their attitude creating the craziest experiment ever seen before in a high school!

Trough difficulties, pleasure, fun moments and personal growth, Luke and his friends will finally discover the taste of payback.

Started as a pure provocation and action of bravery, the Test pushes the guys to face their own fears and their deep desires, making them realize that their real potential lies inside themselves, waiting to boom.

The process becomes a source of pure inspiration and pleasure, offering new life to the main character Luke and to his fellows after having their lives consciously in their hands.

Teens of the guys is not only superficial but also a journey heading to a new self consciousness and new way of life where the word limit becomes senseless.

At this point girls become an inspiration for Luke to fuel his personal change which he needed for so long. Each day turns out as a rich search of breath-taking adventures before it’s too late and regret prevails. The end will be another shocking starting point that will challenge the main character Luke over again.

the Characters


He gives life to The Test. He is in a relationship with Giulia but falls in love with Chiara. He thinks this crazy experiment will not touch him but his life will never be the same.


She’s Luke’s girlfriend. He leaves him before the start of the Test but then realizes sha made a terrible mistake. She will also have to deal with Chiara who is her best friend.


She is Giulia’s best friend. She falls in love with Luke and this complicates things for everyone. She will have to choose between his friendship with Giulia and his love for Luke.


She is a friend of Giulia and Chiara. She lives out their three-way relationship with Luke and wonders how it will end, who will suffer and who will find true love. For now, jshe ust thinks about having fun.


Just when Luke thinks he has found a bit of stability with Giulia and Chiara, Ilary appears messing up the cards on the table. She arrives at Luke’s heart and decides to conquer him with his rebellious energy.


She is the youngest girl who attends the same high school. Thanks to her sweetness she conquers Luke and leads him to have even more doubts about who the right girl is. Apparently she is a good girl but underneath she hides another wilder nature.


Chapter 1: The evening when the whole thing started

Chapter 2: Are we really sure we wanna do this?

Chapter 3: When should we start?

Chapter 4: The rules

Chapter 5: The crazy experiment start

Chapter 6: Who ceases never wins

Chapter 7: The first temptations

Chapter 8: A first new awareness

Chapter 9: Breaking the Rules

Chapter 10: Program Change

Chapter 11: New Rules

Chapter 12: Incredible Results

Chapter 13: The Chiara Factor

Chapter 14: The Spontaneous Evolution of the Test

Chapter 15: How can something that gives you pleasure, be wrong?

Chapter 16: Sharing gives you the key to forgiveness

Chapter 17: The Dilemma

Chapter 18: Carpe Diem

Chapter 19: I love them all

Chapter 20: We have to be able to choose

Chapter 21: A different night

Chapter 22: Love you keep is the pain you live

Chapter 23: It’s our greatness that scares us

Chapter 24: Was everything real?

Are you ready for the Test?

The Story is incredibly innovative because it establishes themes of dating and personal growth in a context of love story involving guys and girls of a high school who come from a maturity that goes well beyond the years they have. The Test starts with a simple provocation to change the status quo and it soon becomes a journey of awareness and inner knowledge incredibly rich in emotional nuances and personal redemption. Nothing will be ever the same again. Luke and his companions will have to face the last challenge with a final surprise.